Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj”. It means to add, to sum up and to connect. Yoga is a way to connect and to add the internal and external energies. When things get connected flow of energy is enhanced and gets regularized. Energy is best in a flowing mode. Not in a stagnant mode. Stagnancy brings incapability in expressiveness, makes things complicated and puzzled and leads to sedative stages. Today, we all are facing problems caused by this impairment of flow of energies and facing the problems of depression, anxiety and unhappiness.

  • Another meaning of Yoga “Chitta Vruti Nirodhah” means- to control the senses and the uncontrolled movements of Psycho. Concentration is the main aim here through Yoga. Concentration is a direct mode of consciousness. Only he can concentrate who is conscious. Yoga is designed to concentrate but this concentration is not full of selfishness. Yoga asks to concentrate on the cosmic energies. This helps one to bind with the cosmic energies easily. Once, one is in touch with the outer-cosmic energies influx of energies starts by themselves. Energy tends to flow from higher to lower potentials. No doubt! Cosmic energies are richer and these start to flow inside and a person starts to enjoy this flow and enriches with the higher energy levels with the time.
    Yoga is considered a few postures only these days. But it is not so. Practicing postures and making the body stronger and flexible is important to start with yoga. Yoga needs greater patience and stamina. We have mistaken the divine concepts of yoga and thinking the first beginning step was a final one. Eight limbs of Yoga
    *.Asanas (postural exercise)
    *.Pranayam( breathing exercises)
    *.Pratyahara(strengthening senses)
    *.Dharna(concentration-1st level)
    *.Dhyan(2nd level of concentration)
    *.Samadhi(final goal)
    Yam- Niyam: beginning with YogaThese are the initial steps to startup with Yoga. Yam comprises eight parts namely, with meaning-
    1.Ahimsa – Not to hurt others by words, deeds, and thoughts.
    2.Satya – Never tell a lie.
    3.Asteya – To not steal others’ property with greed.–
    4.Brahmcharya – To live in accordance with healthy thoughts, ethics and moral values.
    5.Aprigraha – To collect the things without need.

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